Sunday, May 15, 2011

Introducing my recent work.

Just finished a portrait of 3 little kids today. It is 16" X 20".  I'll have it packaged and mailed tomorrow. Next up will be a portrait of a cheerleader. It shouldn't take as long being there is only one subject. I am anxious to get started on it.
When I do portraits it's usually all night long on the weekends and before and after my other job during the week when there is time. I have audio books on my Ipod. I put the earphones in and I'm in another world.  I love drawing and I love books, so this way I can do both at once. It's pretty easy to concentrate on both, it just happens. I have no doubt that I could crank out more portraits if I didn't have the other job during the week. It's a step I'm considering since I have been getting more offers and I now have a waiting list. It is hard work working for yourself. I would say harder than any other job I have had. It's not all about doing the artwork, it's also about promoting and keeping up with technology and continued education. Not to mention record keeping and meeting deadlines. The difference between that and working for someone else is, I love artwork and all the things that goes with it.