Monday, April 18, 2011

Colored Pencil Portraits in Progress

Creating a portrait in colored pencils is a lengthy process. In the beginning the most important step is getting a good outline that actually resembles the person you are drawing. Every line, curve and shape needs to be where it belongs. Skin tone is also important. It isn’t like you just find the colored pencil you need for skin and smash it on. It involves building layer upon light layers to get the skin tone fit for the subject being portrayed. If these two beginning steps are not followed the portrait is going to end up looking like someone you might know and recognize, or someone you wish you knew. Detail, precision and patience go into the making of a colored pencil portrait. It’s what I do. I draw portraits all night long on the weekends and before and after my other job during the week. I obviously don’t do portraits to make a living for myself since the other job is needed to pay bills. I do portraits to live. I enjoy the process, the finished artwork and maybe most importantly, showing off my work. I like it when I can do a portrait for someone and they love it. I feel a sense of accomplishment when what I do makes someone really happy. That is living. Maybe I am a work in progress too. Maybe doing portraits will be my retirement income. I believe I will be drawing portraits till the day I can no longer sit up with a pencil in my hand. As long as I can do that, I am living.

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