Monday, October 11, 2010

Granddaughter's portrait

I completed the portrait of my granddaughter this weekend. She hasn't seen it as of yet, so I hope she likes it. Guess I'll know when she gets off from school today. I really enjoyed doing this one. Her pose is great. It crossed my mind to do a portriat of Justin Bieber for her so she could hang it next to this one, since he is her heartthrob now, but with 13 year old girls those things change pretty fast.
This portait of Keely is done in prismacolor colored pencils and it's 17" X 14". Completed with love by her grandma :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Keely's Portrait

Here is the portrait of Keely that is in progress. I'm hoping to get a lot more finished on it this weekend. The last portrait I did of her she was pretty young. She's 13 now and turning into a little lady. She's in love with Justin Bieber, I know that's who she's thinking of in the picture. Oh, to be young again :) She is also a darn good basketball player and loves participating in sports. A lot like her Mama. Anyway I am enjoying doing this portrait. I'll be updating again soon.