Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dreams and Goals

I got little more finished on the portrait I'm working on. She still doesn't know I'm doing it for her. I've been doing that along with scheduling and goal setting, getting ready for this summer. Tonight, I wrote out my dream life along with my obituary....I know ;) I'm using the book "The Artist's Guide" How to make a living doing what you love, by Jackie Battenfield. This is a couple of the exercises in the beginning of the book. The obituary thing I just changed to, "My Celebration of Life" just seemed easier to me. I know I'm starting this late in life but I don't want to think about dying yet, I'm just getting started. I spent the time writing out my dream life, which is yet to come, and turning around and writing my obituary didn't fit anywhere in my dream life. A celebration of life...I could do that. But it all makes sense really, you have to know where you want to go before you can start going. The next step is writing goals, that, I'm looking forward to. My mind gets so full of all the things I want to do that the ideas just get lost in the crowd. Writing goals down and doing things step by step only makes sense to me and after writing my dream life and the celebration thing, helps to figure out what I really want to do and the steps I need to take. So the book is kind of like a coach or mentor keeping me on track. I will follow it and do the steps along the way. I am going to be pushing it because I am so ready to get started.

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