Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Website and Fan page change

I took down my website and the facebook fan page. It was getting too much to keep up with. I do have my blog though which covers everything I'm doing and it's free, so it just made sense to me. So I'm still around, just with less things to work on. Hence, more time for art and writing :) www.joyceegbers.blogspot.com
I'm on spring break this week. So far I've been busy with job searches since school will be out May 29th, I'm looking for employment...again. So if you know of something let me know. If it's good and I get the job, I'll do a portrait for you. :) Such a deal!
I do plan on taking a day or two to groom my dog, Kirby. He's so huge and uncooperative when it comes to grooming. I'm going to try to get him in the bath tub. Yep,that should work....I'll take before and after pictures. There probably won't be any difference with him. I'll need before and after pictures of myself.

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