Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to work

It's the end of spring break for me. Back to the Kindergarten class tomorrow. Not that I haven't been keeping busy this week. The time flew by but I did get some things accomplished. I got a lot of things organized in my small studio (aka, a corner of my living room) I've reviewed my bucket list,got my hair cut,went over my schedule again being that will soon be changing when school is out. I finished my memoir and sent it to the Editor and updated my blog.
I listened to "It's Never Crowed Along the Extra Mile" audio book, by Wayne Dyer, it's pretty good. I like all of his books and usually take my ipod to bed with me and he talks in my ear as I go to sleep :) So it was good to listen while I was fully awake. I'm re-reading "I'd Rather Be in the Studio", by Alyson Stanfield.
I did not accomplish the dreaded dog bath. I guess I'm too much of a push over when it comes to him. He will be cleaned this coming week. I've called in back up :) Plus the weather will be warmer so we can bathe him outside.

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