Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Book in progress

The book is in progress and coming along and I'm finding out it takes a lot of hours and hard work to write a book! It's funny how much you recall once you start digging in and bringing up memories. Things I haven't thought about for years are still there, never forgotten just pushed back. Exact dates are hard to figure out but to me dates aren't important really. I do have it down to time frames and that's good enough. It's turning into more of a Narrative style story anyway. It's actually been kind of good for me, I think, even though I have broke out with shingles and I'm thinking it's because of bringing up the past. I've always been told I've never had chicken pox, now I know I definitely must have had them. My art work is waiting on hold for a little bit. I do miss it though so I may try to divide my time up between the two, well three since I work too, oh and the things I need to do at home too. So between the four. It all keeps me out of trouble. I guess that's not necessarily true now that I think about it :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pretty Pumpkins

After a goof on my part she is ready to go to Kentucky. To be honest I hate parting with her. Somehow I get attached to these portraits :) I learn with each one I do. I have another one waiting for me to do and then my Keely girl wants one of her. So, I'll be busy for a while. One of my goals this year is to take another workshop. Hopefully I can find one not too far away. I titled this one "Pretty Pumpkins" 20" X 16".