Monday, November 30, 2009

Sketching Mick Jagger

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Cathy and I did the traditional Black Friday shopping. We were at Jordon Creek at midnight and both agreed not to do that again. It was a mad house! So we left there and headed to Merle Hay Mall which was much better even though we waited in line at Kohls for an hour to check out. It's just all part of the madness. We did have fun though.

I was up late last night kind of doodling and and kind of sketching and came up with a portrait of Mick Jagger with the reference taken from my TV guide laying on the kitchen bar. No colored pencils this time. This was done with a mechanical pencil and free hand. It started out I was only going to do his face, then I put in his shoulders and then what the heck, I finished him on 8" X 10" piece of paper. He didn't turn out too bad :)

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