Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trouble comes is 3's

It been too long since I've wrote here so I thought I'd better update. I'm still looking for work and filling my time with art work. I've been working on a portrait for my Sister-in-law. I'll have a picture of it here soon. I've decided this lay off just may be an opportunity for me to go into business for myself.

Ed's brother died July 25th, so we were in Illinois for a few days with family and attending his funeral. He was a veteran from the Navy and a retired Firefighter, the funeral was very honorable. The procession to the cemetery was led by fire engine #5, the one he drove. It was a military funeral, the 21 gun salute always gets to me. He will be missed. Ed is doing OK, I can't even imagine how much it hurts to lose a sibling. He took it pretty hard.

So we are back and trying to get back to normal. Key word "normal". Friday, I was deep into working on a portrait when a crash shook the house. A delivery truck came barreling down the street backwards, with no driver and was stopped by our neighbors tree before it could crash through my son's car and the house. I did consider myself blessed!

Until yesterday... a huge limb fell out of our tree and on my car, dented the hood up really good. We had a storm the night before, I'm assuming it must have been knocked loose and didn't fall till later. So today my car is sitting in the body shop, $2500 damage and $500 deductible. That blows the trip to Washington and workshop I wanted to attend (sigh). God is trying to get my attention. Hopefully my car will be finished soon and then things will be back to normal.

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