Thursday, August 20, 2009

Portrait finished

Still don't have my car back so I called to check on it today. The guy says hopefully late tomorrow. Hmmm, I hope so too, I think I may have forgot how to drive!

I did get the portrait I was working on finished though, so that's good. It's on it's way to Illinois as I type. This weekend I'll be starting another one of a little boy. Still working on darkening up those skin tones, I'll get there. I have a plan B I'm going to try.

So far this week has been going pretty smoothly, no run away trucks, no large logs falling out of trees, it's been pretty quiet. I even got some good news today. I have an interview Tuesday. I won't say where yet, we'll see how it goes first.

Saturday I'll be heading out to the fair. My niece and her family are coming to visit. It's been so long since I've seen the twins! I'm excited.

So back to the portrait. It's my sister in law's parents who are deceased. The reference is from a photograph she wanted me to use. The difference is the photograph had a black background, I chose a light background for the portrait. It's colored pencil of course, (that's what I do) and it's 20" X 16" on vellum paper. I also mounted this one on mat board. I like the look of that plus it gives it a sturdy base. I used spay mount for the first time, that stuff sticks in a hurry! Anyway, I hope she's pleased with it.

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