Monday, July 6, 2009

Sassy Sadie

Finished Sadie, now we have a "Serious Sadie" and a "Sassy Sadie". Believe it or not they are the same dog, although it sure doesn't look like it to me. I think the photo reference of Serious Sadie must have been when she was older because of all the white on her face. Either that or it was the camera flash and lighting. Sassy Sadie looks younger, peppier, sassier! Being I really didn't know Sadie this one was tough because none of the photo references were that good and we couldn't get any better ones since Sadie has past. So I just went with the best I had even though I have sworn I wouldn't do that again! But you know, if I can get it right it's worth all the effort. She looks marvelous!

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