Sunday, November 16, 2008

Midlife ramble

Tonight I feel the need to ramble about stuff. I have 2 kids. One is 31 years old, single mother, doing well in her career related to insurance and annuities and making a decent living. The other one is 22 and will be graduating college next month with a degree in graphic design. I'm very proud of both of them. I'm going to take some credit for how they turned out, which is pretty darn good.
My first one has worked her way up the ladder and continues to educate herself to go even farther. Which is good, some people start at the bottom and are content to stay there, kind of like a safety zone. The other one wants to make a bunch of money as soon as possible when he graduates and aiming right for the top. That's good too, he has the potential.
Having an education and a degree is a good start. I don't have a degree in anything. I can't say I'm not educated, I have a high school diploma and a certificate. The rest of my education came from studying on my own through books, a few night classes and just doing. What I've learned is you've got to have a plan. You have the knowledge, now what are you going to do next? I don't think they teach you that in high school or college.
What about personality, character, morals and how well do you get along with all people? I guess that's where mom's come in. If I were to hire someone of course I'd want them to know what they were doing. It would also be important to be an all around good person. I think I've taught my kids well. You need the knowledge then continue to gain knowledge in your field, it doesn't end with a degree, you need go after what you want without stepping on anyone's toes. On the other hand you have to stand up for what's right and don't let anyone push you around.
Do what you love. If you have a passion, follow it. Don't waste a talent. No I don't have a degree. I do have a talent for artwork. Well, in my humble opinion anyway. I just do it because I like to do it. It makes me happy and I've made other people happy doing it. Someday maybe a degree in art. Maybe I'll be one of those people who gets a college degree at 80 years old. You always have to be going towards some goal ya know. It keeps your brain alive.
I'll always be proud of my kids no matter where their life leads them. Hopefully not too far away from me......but not too close. They both are in the process of being who they want to be, doing what it takes and having what they want. I'm sure there will be ups and downs for both of them. That's just life and learning experiences, continued education I guess.
I'm 55 years old and both of my kids are out of the nest. They both can fly pretty well. I don't have the empty nest symdrome, this mama wants to soar and continue to live life and have fun doing it.

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