Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jury process

Yesterday Mike and I attended the jury preview for the Des Moines Arts Festival. There was a lot of really nice artwork, including mine :) They had a nice reception area with all kinds of goodies and little bottles of wine and beer. Who could ask for more! The judges gave absolutlely no indication of what they liked and didn't like which they were suppose to do I guess. I was looking for some signs though, I did't see any.
Mike went with me. He could get extra credit for going and I have a tendency to get lost downtown. Finding the Greater Des Moines Partnership building was pretty easy and finding a parking spot was not a problem either. We got lost in the building. His sense of direction isn't any better than mine, you could tell we were related. We parked in the parking garage and got on the elevator which I didn't realize till it rose from the garage that it was a glass elevator! So I had a death grip on him on the way up. He thought it was hilarious. I didn't see the humor in it till later.

My mat cutter arrived today too! WooHoo! I've already got it set up. That will save me some money in the long run considering what it cost to have a mat cut. It's a Logan 65o and it's nice. Maybe I'll go into the mat cutting business now too ;)

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