Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Art Expo

I visited the two rivers art expo this weekend with my daughter and granddaughter. It was really nice. My granddaughter was kept busy making jewelry, a hat and marble painting while my daughter and I look around. I like going to exhibits to see how other artist set up there booth and meeting people. Of course the artwork was great too! I was looking at this really pretty necklace while the artist was talking with a lady. I was thinking of getting it and then....snatch! That lady bought it :) Geesh, well I'll just move right along I guess. It really was a nice event though.
I've started a new commission of a cute little dog named "Clover". It's on my in progress page if you'd like to take a peek. This has been a busy month which is good. This coming Wednesday all the artist that applied to be part of the Des Moines arts Festival are invited to attend the jury preview, it should be interesting being I have no idea how that's done. They received 1,274 applications for 158 spots. Yes, I still have faith!

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