Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

I guess this is officially the last day of my vacation, still have the weekend though ;) Yesterday my daughter and I celebrated our birthdays' together, that was nice. We went out to eat and the waitress gave Ed a senior menu (tee hee) I didn't get one, so that was fun. Cathy and I are considering getting matching tattoo's but can't figure out what to get yet. Something small and dainty, I'm really not into pain that much.

I've reached a goal too, I'm in a size 8 :) Who needs "the biggest loser"? I did it all by myself with no gyms or coaches. I'm not finished yet, actually I'm kind of getting into working out, it's tough getting started but once I'm into it, it feels good. Nothing like a sweaty body. I still haven't mastered "Chicometrics" though, oh my gosh that's tough. Chico and I have a love hate relationship.

I've also started "The Master Key System". So far that seems interesting. I love things like that. And the artwork is still coming along well. There's changes to come along there too.

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