Monday, May 5, 2008

Yellow Rose is finished

The rose is finished. I started it before Mary passed away, not knowing she liked yellow roses. When I was told about the yellow rose she pampered by her porch I wanted to dedicate it to her. It's 14" X 17" in colored pencil.

It's been through a lot really. I moved my desk out of the studio so I could watch TV and do art work at the same time. What I forgot about was the weird shows Ed tends to watch. One day I actually listened to a documentary of some doctor in Russia who transplanted the head of an ape onto another ape. They even had a graphic video of it. That's when I decided the desk and myself had to move back to the studio. So everything went back again.

I really don't care what he watches, what bugs me is he falls asleep and I'm listening to it thinking he's awake. So, I'm very satisfied now with my little TV in the studio. By the way, the ape made it through the operation but he was very angry and mean when he woke up. Sounds kind of Frankensteiney to me :)


Darla said...

Beautiful job on this rose! I also had to laugh about what was on TV...could that be for real? I don't blame you - hearing something like that would really bother me too much so that I wouldn't be able to work. I have two 14 year old daughters and when they argue they sound like screeching apes, but I'm not able to move away from them by law.

Joyce said...

Thank you for your comment on the rose. It looks great framed with a black mat IMHO :)