Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yellow rose symbol

I'm still hoping to get the yellow rose finished this week or at least over the weekend. I'm doing it petal by petal just because I want to get the colors to go together well and it seems to be working best that way. There's a lot of colors in a yellow rose by the way. A lot of petals too!

While I was working on it I got to wondering about the meaning of the yellow rose so my inquiring mind had to look it up. Did you know that in the Victorian era a person couldn't flirt even by love letters or eye to eye contact because it was considered in bad taste. So giving flowers took the place of flirting. It use to be that yellow roses were symbols for jealousy,infidelity and fading love. Now they are a symbol of happiness and friendship. I'm sure glad the meaning has changed. Why would you give flowers to someone expressing faded love? Maybe it was a sly way of letting the other person know you were having an affair. But then again, why bother? OK, I'm getting way off track here. The meaning of the yellow rose is friendship.

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