Sunday, April 27, 2008


I spent the majority of the day yesterday figuring out RSS (Really Simple Syndication)... It wasn't so simple:) I got some other things accomplished too, but what I learned was it's important to allot a certain time limit. You can't get everything done in a day. That's where your routine comes in handy. When you're going through the book," I'd Rather Be In the Studio " you'll find there's a lot to do, that's a good thing! At least I know what I haven't been doing. A regular routine will help get the things done that need to be done, yet won't make you feel overloaded. What I did was started to write the things I needed to do on a large "to do" list. Then I'll check them off by putting some things in my daily routine, making sure my art work is part of the daily routine. Viola! It should work.

I might add that I didn't go to one garage sale yesterday. I saved money by doing things I needed to do and not spending money on things I didn't need anyway. Not saying I won't go to any garage sales this year. Until I get some things in order I'm just on a garage sale diet. And Oh, there was some big ones! My daughter called and asked if I was going, it felt pretty good to say, "I'll pass". We just had a garage sale last week and I got rid of a bunch of stuff, it makes no sense. That would be like losing 5 pounds then eating a whole cake :)

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Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Joyce, the key is prioritizing. That usually only happens with the big list. Hope it's working for you!