Sunday, December 23, 2007

Told you so!

Merry Christmas to all! Today I'm making Christmas dinner for my family and friends. It's actually Christmas Eve for us because we usually head out of town by Christmas day since other relatives live in Illinois. This year some of us are going and some are not. The weather is a factor now. I have all my shopping done and I'm ready to celebrate. Tuesday I had to pay a visit to my Doctor, I had a case of my annual bronchitis. That was an ordeal. She jumped all over me because I hadn't had a flu shot yet and decided I should have an pneumonia shot too. After all she said people do not get sick from the flu shot......So I left there with 2 shots, one in each arm, a prescription for antibiotics and codine cough medicine. It was time to go shopping. A few hours into that and I was feeling pretty bad. One arm was really sore, not the flu shot arm though, it was the pneumonia shot arm and I had a fever. I didn't feel that bad when I went into the doctor! That's OK though, I was protected from the flu and pneumonia. But I'm here to tell you people do get sick from both shots. Admittedly, not everyone, maybe just me and my luck. The funny part is while shopping and not feeling so well I saw some pajamas that to me looked really nice at the time, and decided I should get 2 pair. One for my daughter and one for my niece. The next day I had to laugh, those are ugly pajamas, long underwear type! Good thing I got a gift reciept with them. I'll just explain to the girls that if they ever get sick those pajamas are going to look really good :)

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