Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Since moving to Iowa 22 years ago I have always made the trip to Illinois to spend Christmas with family. This year I’m staying here by choice. I’m still taking time off as if I’m going out of town. I’m just eliminating the hassle of travel and adding peaceful, stress free time together with my husband, kids and grandchild. Ed’s mom has been in town and we visited her at his sister’s house Christmas eve. She and his sisters will be heading to Illinois today. I have two more days to do whatever I want to do with apologies to none and it feels awesome! Not that I don’t miss my family in Illinois, I do, I’m just choosing to stay home this Christmas and it’s a good choice, especially since I think I gave a little bit of the flu or whatever I had to Ed. He's been sick the past couple of days.

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