Sunday, April 15, 2007

Getting back in the groove

Things have been hectic but going good here. They made it in from Florida and she's doing fine and her baby belly is so cute! She's 22 weeks along now and about as big as I was when I had my kids. Of course she's carrying 2! Two little girls :o) I'm hoping I don't drive them crazy, but I'm so glad they are here! Who knows, maybe her brother will move here next! It's about time I get some relatives here in Iowa.

I have been drawing....somewhat anyway. I haven't drawn a graphite portrait in ages. I was sitting in my kitchen with the TV book in front of me, which had a picture of that Soprano guy on it, my doodle sketch book, and a pencil was there too, so the next thing I knew I drew him. I debated about posting him but what the's not the best but it's a drawing.