Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy 2007!

Looking back at 2006 it was a pretty good year personally for me. Some goals were achieved and others still need some work. I'm not making resolutions, just goals for the coming year. For some reason it's easier for me to set and meet goals than it is to keep resolutions. It's just the wording that makes a difference for me. A resolution is like a promise that I will do something and succeed. A goal is working toward something and hoping to succeed. I get farther that way, maybe because I don't beat myself up if I do fail, I just move on feeling good that I tried and learned from the experience, then try, try again. Some things I've been working on for years! So here's a toast to setting goals.

Which brings me to my recent drawing project...To be honest, I have no idea if I can do this or not. It's just my goal :) I'm doing a portrait of my dad, mom, sisters and brother all together. Seven of us, that means I have to get all seven of us recognizable. This should be fun and interesting. Hopefully when I'm finished I won't step back and say, "whose that person there?"

My dad died about 27 years ago so I'm using an old reference photo of him. And unfortunately I don't see my brother anymore, so I dug through my old pictures and found one of him. The best picture I could find of him, he had his chin resting on his hand, so I removed his hand in the portait. I really liked a photo of one of my sisters from her wedding but she had on her wedding dress, so I changed her clothing for her :) Another challenge was drawing a self portrait. So here's the beginning, the outline. It doesn't show up real good yet, I'll keep ya posted.

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